The presentation of your idea and vision to investors is often times the first thing an investor will see. The pitch deck is a way to help clarify and streamline your proposal in a straight forward and graphical presentation. It allows you to preview and pitch all at the same time and done in a quick and straight forward manner.
Creating a pitch deck is an essential part of the process when seeking funding or investment for a new business venture. The purpose of a pitch deck is to provide investors and lenders with a succinct overview of the proposed business, its goals, and how they will be achieved. A good pitch deck should include information such as the company’s background, mission, vision and value statement, key personnel and advisors, financial projections and any other relevant data that demonstrates the potential success of the venture. It should be visually attractive and easy to understand while introducing investors to the concept in an engaging manner.
When developing a pitch deck, it is important to ensure that all necessary information is present and presented in an organized fashion. The order of slides should flow logically from one point to another. Key points should be highlighted, but not so much as to obscure less important elements. Although some information may need more detail than others, it’s important to avoid providing too much detail as this can easily overwhelm investors.
The graphics used in the presentation must be professional and appropriate for the content and audience. Visual aids such as charts and graphs can help clarify concepts quickly while photographs or illustrations can help create an emotional connection with potential investors. High-quality images are also important in ensuring that viewers take away something lasting from the presentation.
Finally, once all elements have been assembled into a cohesive presentation it’s time to practice delivering it effectively by using strong body language, eye contact and vocal inflection appropriate for each point discussed. Doing so will ensure that your message reaches its intended audience and that you represent your business in a credible manner. With a great pitch deck created regularly practicing this presentation will give any investor confidence in your venture's success making them more likely to invest in you. CCG will coach you through this process and prepare you to use the pitch deck properly.

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